Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Max's Disney Toys

I love when things fall together.

Like today.
I needed to make ties all over a cute cotton blanket so the sides would stop separating.
All along, I've been planning on doing this with yellow yarn.
This morning, though, my biggest needles wouldn't pull the yarn through and I was left to shuffle through my odds and end shoebox containing more scraps and leftover yarn, thread, and floss than you would want to believe.

In the bottom, I found embroidery floss I bought months ago.
I'm sure I had a plan for them when I picked them up, but I don't remember it anymore.
And the colors?
They were the perfect shades of yellow and red.

I love when things like that happen.
So much that I had to take a picture of the blanket:

I usually think Disney products for babies are incredibly cheesy, but I just love these three.
They're so sweet.
In fact, the blanket is going with us to the hospital because it is my favorite.

Mr. C.'s favorite Disney toy, though, is this:

I think he just wants to teach Max how to growl from a very early age.