Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Seven Favorite Pictures of Our First Year of Marriage

Number Seven:

Because it's just a little snapshot of one of my favorite mornings we've ever had together.

Number Six:

Because I am a sucker for sunbursts (if you couldn't tell by the engagement photos I take).

Number Five:

Because really, we act this way all the time.

Number Four:

Because Mr. C. loves to read the newspaper and we both love the library.

Number Three:

Because this is of us making out on our honeymoon and we like to make out.

Number Two:

Because we love our little yet-to-be-born babe.

And finally...

Number One:

I do not know why this is my favorite picture of the past year.
Both of our expressions are terrible, the light is ugly, and, well, there's nothing special about it, but it's still somehow just so... us. Basically, it's been my favorite picture since the button was snapped.