Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Witty Husband

Yesterday, we went to an all day birthing class.
I'm still exhausted today.

BUT that hasn't stopped my witty husband from making witty remarks like this:

Mr. C.: "You're my B.H."
Me: "Your B.H.?"
Mr. C.: "Yeah. My Bootylicious Hottie."
Mr. C.: "Oh, and my Better Half."

Then, on seeing pictures from this day:

Mr. C.: "I've gotten fat."
Me: "What?"
Mr. C.: "Look at my face."
Me: "Look at your face?"
Mr. C.: "Yeah, yours just has water in it. Mine is fat."

I should probably note he said this after I almost cried myself to sleep last night after examining my horrendous, horrible, terrible stretch marks. If anyone has told you belly cream and being in the right BMI prior to conception will stop stretch marks, they are lying.

It's good to have a husband who calls his skinny face fat because you're self conscious about your own.