Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Picture A Day...

Yesterday, I accidently posted a post meant for today.
Yep. You caught me.
I don't usually delay my posts unless I've written a few back to back, but I figured this was different since I was kinda recapping our first year of love by displaying my favorite pictures... then I forgot to change the date and time.
But since I messed up, I'll just write another post instead!

Anyway, as most everyone who reads this blog knows, when my last name was still Bogart, Mr. C. and I decided to take a picture every single day of our marriage.
And somehow, we've pretty much reached our goal.
We've only missed a handful of days, all of which have fallen in the dark days of the start and end of pregnancy (which, let's be honest, will never be an issue again since I'll now always have a child to take a picture of if I'm a little under the weather).

A picture a day seems like a big feat, but it's not.
It's actually really easy to whip out a camera and push a button.
Maybe that's because we have three cameras - two digital, one film- and maybe I think it's easy since I often get paid to take pictures of other people, but I think it'd be easy for anyone.

Since today is the second to last day of our first year of marriage, I decided to total up how many pictures we've actually taken- not including pictures we have from other people.
The verdict?


All I can say is... wow.

Besides that, all I can say is- taking a picture a day has been totally worth it.
I love looking through our archives, both on our photo systems and on this blog, to see little glimpses of what we've done the past year.

In fact, I highly recommend you do the same.