Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Playing the Waiting Game

Ask me...

If we have a car seat base strapped into the back of our two-door car.
If there's a rocking chair in our living room.
If there are just-in-case bottles stored above our sink.
If there's a stroller in the trunk of our car.
If there's a baby mattress sitting next to our bed, awaiting the arrival of its crib.
If there are five different green dinosaurs in a living room basket.
If there's baby body wash in the shower next to Mr. C.'s Old Spice body wash.
If there's a monkey towel hanging next to the bathroom.
If Mr. C. has set up a play gym with a crab, lion, and a hippo.
If we have a box full of baby medicine, complete with a booger sucker.
If all of Max's little clothes for the next three months have been washed.
If my diaper bag is filled with diapers, wipes, clothes, a baby comb and a pacifier.
If, late at night, Mr. C. snuggles up to me and asks "Am I going to be a good dad?"

...And I will tell you YES.

P.S. Ask me if I think Max will be like this kid in three years:

...And I will tell you YES.
Mr. C. is his father, after all.

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!
Image here.
Also, this is too funny.