Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Strollin' in Style

Mr. C. and I have no scruples about hand-me-downs.
In fact, we kinda really love them.
So, it shouldn't be a surprise that all pregnancy long we've been planning on using Sophie and Cole's cute hand-me-down car seat and stroller once our little chunker arrives.

That was until yesterday, when my mom called and said my dad had decided Max needed a new system and that he would flip the bill for it.
(Ask me what my dad's favorite title is and I will tell you "Pops!"...
especially when it is said by Sophie.
To put it lightly, he loves to be a grandpa.)
We just wanted a car seat and stroller, so we weren't in any position to disagree.
Plus, we knew this was a present for Max, not for us, and what kind of mama would deny her babe a grandpa present?
I'd looked around before and had one car seat/stroller combo I really liked, but then I found this.

Let's face it, if you're like me, when you buy something like a car seat, you want it to last through multiple children over five years.
So I LOVE that this isn't the typical (though often painfully cute) gender neutral green.
Even though it's a blue color, the happy little owls will work for Max and the babes that come soon after him, regardless of whether they are little boys or little girls.

I am in love with this little seat and stroller that are currently being shipped to our apartment.
They are so cute it hurts my heart.
Thanks Pops!