Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch Me Grow: Mirror Edition (Mostly)

Things I am Happy About Today:

1. Our air conditioner is finally fixed, which has left me feeling great and Mr. C. wrapped up in multiple layers of blankets. Let's just say he wouldn't shower this morning until he turned the air conditioner off.
2. Since the air conditioner is fixed, we get to restock our storage closet. Which means the Christmas decorations, camping gear, towels, and boxes that have been our bedside companions for almost two weeks get to be put back where they belong.
3. Mr. C.'s mom is coming for the weekend.
4. My due date is in four weeks and we get to see our babe on an ultrasound screen Monday.
5. After the drama/nightmare that has been finding Max a crib, we're finding one this weekend. I think the moral of our crib experience is never buy a crib online, but ask me on Saturday for sure.
6. Father's Day is Sunday and our one-year anniversary is on Friday... and Mr. C. got the night off to hang out with me and our year-old cake! YES!
7. I made pancakes for breakfast (while on the phone) and did not burn a single one.