Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes, I Can Still Wear My Favorite Shirt

Our internet connection has been out for days.
But Mr. C. is a rebel and bounced his computer off someone else's and here I am.

So, what's new with us this week?
My mom is in town until the birth of our babe.

Mr. C. is in heaven because we've eaten out three times in three days.

And me?
I'm happy my mom is here and happy my man is happy.

I'm also really happy because me, my mom, and my swollen body just spent fifteen minutes sitting outside watching rain.

In other news, the three of us spent the morning in the hospital.
We left with an ultrasound picture in hand, a reassurance that the doc should induce me next week, and a reminder that I'm supposed to stay down. What. Ev.