Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because I've Been Asked...

My babe is two weeks old today.

Which also means it's been two weeks since I had major surgery and made the life-altering change from being pregnant to taking care of a newborn.

You know that saying, when it rains it pours?

You better believe it.

Since our families (save Anna) left on Monday, we've had a $403 unexpected bill, a sick baby, a flat tire, a circ ring falling off way too early, I'm running out of my pain meds (which hurts), I'm sore because Max often thinks it's pig out time every hour and a half (he's gained an ounce a day since we left the hospital), Mr. C. is always working, the apartment is falling down around my ears, and after we go to the doctor tomorrow, I'll have entered a doctor's office four of the past five days.

So how are we doing?
Pretty good.

I could say this is because we believe in being optimistic- because we do- but honestly, it's a little more than that.

In general (discounting situations like clinical depression), I believe we choose whether or not we are happy. I've been running a little too hard ever since my water broke fourteen days ago, which I wouldn't change, but I'm paying for it now and I should probably sit down and have a good cry; I just haven't had time yet. So, why am I not having a woe-is-me attitude, something that (I feel) would be really easy to do, even though I'm healthy, my babe is healthy, and my husband is a dreamboat?

Yesterday, I talked to Joy for a good chunk of time where she told me about her son caking his room in poop. And y'know, I may be losing a lot of sleep at night and I may not have had an ideal birth, or much of an ideal after-birth, but at least I'm not scraping hard poop off of a crib and a one-year-old.

I'll save that for next summer.