Friday, July 23, 2010

Ducks, Waistlines, and Max Hates Shoes

Item One:
Max makes ducks look good.

We had a party this morning for a long time that culminated in Max focusing on the cradle's mobile.
Yep- focusing.
(Sorry, Mr. C., that is another milestone.)
After watching the little toys spin in a circle, he flailed his arms and legs until we let him out.

Item Two:
Today, I successfully pulled on a pair of jeans.
I also pulled on a pair of really, really tight spanx.

This waistline still has a lot to lose but whatev, I gave birth to an eight pound baby boy three weeks and one day ago.

Item Three:
Max takes after Mr. C.

Meaning, they both hate shopping.
More specifically, they hate "women's stores"

And Maxwell?
He really hates shoe shopping, as he proved to me today.