Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am in Arkansas

Today, I am in Arkansas.

Mister Max has been meeting his cousins.

Sophie is in love with our little bundle of squeals and sleep.
She goes around the house saying "I love Baby Max!" to anyone who will listen, meaning all of us.
She's also decided she's in charge of him, often plopping her three-year-old body beside him and telling me to leave them alone.
Cousins need bonding time, right?

And then there's Cole, the embodiment of a Man Child.
When he first woke up this morning, he looked at Max like this for about an hour:

After he stopped skeptically staring at the wriggly infant before him, he graduated to patting his head and pulling out his pacifier. I'm guessing it's good to be the oldest male cousin.

Becoming an aunt three years ago was one of the most wonderful experience of my life, but it's so much more surreal to see my child with my niece and nephew, ushering in an entirely new generation of cousins and, well, family.

I love it.