Monday, July 19, 2010

Max Laughed!

... and I kind of feel sorry for him.

I have the worst laugh.
No, really.
I love to laught, but my laugh is not a pretty thing.
It's guttural and when I get on a roll, it turns into a guttural, breathless laugh accompanied with tears.
Mr. C. says it is cute, but I know he is lying.
Husbands do that sometimes when they want their wives to be happy.

Anyway, yesterday my childhood best friend, Brittney, and I were sitting in my parents' basement.
I had just finished feeding Max and was cradling him in my arms as he looked around with his bright eyes.
As I held him, his body started to shake.
It felt like hiccups, only it wasn't.

I looked down at him.
He looked straight back at me.
His pacifier was falling out of a large, gummy grin.
And then I heard it- my guttural laugh coming from his tiny baby belly.
I laughed back and kissed his tiny face.

Then I texted Mr. C. straight away, omitting the fact that Max's laugh was my laugh.
Mr. C. responded that Max was disobedient because he had promised he wouldn't make any milestones while apart from his Daddy.

This morning, when my mom came to take the little babe from me, he opened his eyes and looked around.
He snuggled in closer to her arms and fell back asleep in seconds.
She sat on my high school bed and we talked about Max and mothering.
And then, it happened again...

Max grinned his gummy grin, pacifier still in mouth, and laughed my guttural laugh.
My mom looked at me and said, "He has your laugh!" and I cringed inwardly.

Poor Max.
He has inherited my breathless, obnoxious laugh.
I hope it serves him as well as it has served me.