Saturday, July 17, 2010

Missouri Trip: Letter Number One.

Dear Mr. C.,

You probably didn't notice in all the commotion this morning, but did you know that Max got his very own plane ticket today?

Two, to be exact.
I'm a little (okay really) sad you weren't there for the first of Max's travels, but mostly I'm sad you missed his first exposure to your home state.

We took a picture in the Denver airport, though- just for you.
Don't worry, I didn't expose him to anything, like the Nuggets or anything outside of the airport, without you.
He has you for that, so I just introduced him to waiting and the baby changer in the bathroom.
(He didn't like it.)

It's a little strange to be in my high school bedroom with our brand new baby boy.
Right now he's wide awake and has been staring at me for about ten minutes.
Not surprisingly, I've had to pull his finger away from his eye at least three times.
I don't know why he insists on digging those little hands into his eye socket.

I had a lot more I wanted to say but I'll save it for tomorrow.
Max is in serious need of a bath and I'm in serious need of sleep, despite my ridiculously long nap today.

I love you.
Infinity plus one,
Your Wife