Monday, July 19, 2010

Missouri Trip: Letter Number Two

Dear Mr. C.,

Sorry I was a lame wife yesterday.
I just don't like this distance thing.
I thought it might be easier this time since we're married, not engaged, but obviously I was wrong.

On the bright side, Max is a serious celeb here in Lee's Summit.
I'll never forget the way my mom's best friends squealed in the church hallway yesterday.
That's the thing about women- they don't always change with age.
Meaning, I will probably squeal and clap my hands when I'm excited for years to come.
I'd apologize, but I'm not sorry.

Brittney spent the whole day with us yesterday, as you know, but she wasn't Max's only non-family visitor.

Have I ever told you about Kari Fritchie?
She lived down the street from me through junior high and high school and was also one of my best friends.
She's also a running machine and was in town this weekend for a race.
I hadn't seen her since our freshman year of college, but our moms ran into each other at the store on Saturday night and put it together that we were both here.
So, Sunday afternoon, she came strolling through the front door, completely unannounced- just like when we were growing up.

It's so strange and good to see old friends you haven't seen in years.
Everything's the same, but everything is different.
We talked for a long time and we convinced her that the good men watch the History Channel and Discovery with their spare time.
(Apparently, Kyle loves the same shows as you.)
A couple hours later, she left and Brittney and I called our men:

Talking to you is always the highlight of my day, whether you are near or far.

Mrs. C.