Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missouri Trip: Letter Three

Dear Mr. C.,

It is 5 am and I cannot sleep.
Max and I snuggled for a good deal of the night, but he's with Anna now.
She came and took him after he started screaming at 4.
Now, they are both asleep in another room and I am awake, thinking about you.

You are so dreamy.

I miss you so much I can barely see straight, and not just because I'm nearly blind.
I miss your stupid jokes and your happy attitude.
I miss making you dinner.
I miss hearing you shhh Max during the night when he screams.
I miss going to sleep laughing with you.
I miss the lovebirds in our kitchen.
I miss fighting about what setting the air conditioning should be on.
I miss your thick rimmed glasses.
I miss seeing you run around frantically in order to be on time for work.
I miss talking face to face with you.
And tonight, I really miss sharing a bed with you.

One. More. Week.
Love you.