Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Hipster Babe

Tired of seeing photos of Max on a blanket?
Then here's one of us hanging out today:

Now, onto my obligatory blanket photo...

Today Maxwell is a hipster, or a little indie child if you will.
Don't believe me?
His little diaper shirt is a hand-me-down from the eighties.
It used to be worn by his Uncle Nathan and Uncle Josh and was taken out of an old baby box just for him.
If vintage clothing isn't enough to persuade you of Max's indie-ness, his mother made the blanket he is laying on.

And if THAT is not enough to convince you that Max is a mini-indie-in-training, here he is rocking out with some homemade toys:

Also, his name appears in a Beatles' song.
Hip. Ster.