Friday, July 23, 2010

Nicole C Photo

This time four years ago, Mr. C. was heading out on a mission and I was doing this:

What was I doing?
Being a really cool nineteen-year-old.
(Meaning, I was busy being a nerdy nineteen-year-old.)
I was also being an EFY counselor.

While working as an EFY counselor, I became friends with a girl named Nicole.
I'm not going to lie, everyone at EFY thought Nicole was the biggest babe.
So much that I was a little intimidated by her.
BUT, as luck would have it, the two of us became good friends, even taking a trip to her parents' in Vegas a year later.

There we are a year later, still being really cool.
And yes, we have the exact same expression going on in the first picture.
I told you- we became really good friends, plus we were kinda similar to begin with.

The summer before I married Mr. C., Nicole married her very own Mr. C.
(Only their "C" stands for "Caywood".)
And yes, they also have the cutest little boy.

That's not where our similarities end, though.
Nicole is currently in the process of starting her very own photo business and she will be in the Provo, Utah area from August 23rd to September 6th, ready and willing to shoot.

Since she's just starting out, her prices are perfect for young couples and families.
Go ahead and check her out.
You won't be disappointed.