Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometimes, a Day Makes a Huge Difference

Today is the best day Max and I have had without Mr. C.
We sure do miss that man.

Last night we both slept extremely well and we've napped together throughout most of the day.
I actually put real make up on my unwashed face and paid a little attention to my hair.
I also turned a plain colored nightgown into a dress by adding a tank top and a necklace.
Meaning, I am really stylin' while sleeping at my parent's house.
I also have a phone permanently attached to my ear when Mr. C. is off of work.

Between his naps, Max had two little photoshoots today.
One (on photobooth!) with me after a two hour nap and one with his cousin Sophie, which was one of the funniest photographic experiences of my life.

What's the icing on the cake?
I get to see my oldest brother tonight and it's supposed to storm.
I love my life in Utah, but I am not a Utah girl- I am a Southern/Midwestern girl through and through and I love me a good thunderstorm.