Monday, July 05, 2010

Welcome Home

After a lot of snuggling, IVs, check ups, narcotics (for me), kisses, happy tears, and four too-excited-to-sleep nights, we brought Mr. Max home today!

Our nurses and doctors were great, but home is so much nicer than anywhere else.

Naturally, after four sleepless nights, we were ready to crash when we came home. I nursed the babe into sleep, we settled him into his crib, Mama B. (known as Nana Cait) settled herself on the couch, and Mr. C. and I snuggled into our bed.

As we were almost reaching dreamland, we heard it.
Yep. We heard it.
An explosion.
But not just any explosion- an explosion the size of Texas.
(Everything is bigger there, right?)

So, we did what most new parents would do.
We laughed
We laughed really hard.

Then Mr. C. dutifully got up, whipped out a clean diaper and quickly pulled off the nasty one, sterile diaper wipes in hand.

I know what you're thinking.
That Max wasn't done- but he was.
At least, he was done pooping.

But peeing?
He hadn't even started.
I jolted out of bed when Mr. C. started saying "No! No! No!"
I looked at the changing table and there was my sweet, pink, and blonde newborn baby- peeing in his own face.

Oh, Max.
You are already making life that much better.