Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School Pictures

You know you're nerdy when you take back to school pictures.
Here they are!

If you want to see last year, when my rear was half the size it is now (literally... okay not literally, but two sizes smaller is close enough when your booty was a six and is now a ten) but my hair was really short and Mr. C. was dressed for work (unlike this morning), you can look here.

Anyway, you know how Lindsay Lohan goes obsessive in Mean Girls and says she spends all her time talking about Regina George or waiting for people to bring her up? I felt like that today. Whenever I talked, it was to talk about Max and whenever I was not talking, I was waiting for someone to ask me what I did during the summer so I could say:

"I had a baby. A baby! And I'm in SCHOOL!"

And alright, fine, in one of my classes when they had you write what your plans were post-graduation, I may have written:

"Be a stay-at-home mom instead of a student-mom...
Also, I'd like to write."

I live a large life, my friends.