Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Gettin' My Mommy On

Maxwell had his first month-day on Sunday.
Forgive me for being cheesy, but I can't believe it.

A month and three days ago, I was a waddling body of water and baby.
I don't think I waddle anymore, but I am still permanently attached to my child's whereabouts.

He's only a month old and I have to fight my urge to be a helicopter parent.

And so, without further ado, here are a few things that, a month ago, I never expected my life would entail:
  • Max's rolls getting rollier by the minute. No, really. I know it sounds extreme, but sometimes I swear his his little legs get exponentially chunkier between diaper changes.
  • That my hair could be pulled with such enormous force by such tiny hands... or that my "mom haircut" would mean growing my bangs out and almost always braiding them back.
  • That I would call Max by his full name as often as I call him Max and just as often as I call him Turtle Monkey, The Poopster, Lil' Bit, Stink Pot, and Sweet Pea.
  • Turtle Monkey? Yes. It IS a real nickname because he sticks his head out like a turtle and makes expressions like a monkey. Don't believe me?

  • That I would co-sleep at any level. I used to think that cribs were for babies, but I'm just coming to understand that, some nights, half of a queen-sized bed is for babies.
  • That Mr. C. would willingly wake up before the sun just to make faces at his little boy. Though I can't say I'm surprised that I find the pair of them asleep on the couch more often than not. Mr. C. finally has someone to watch Jimmy Kimmel with.
And most comically...
  • I never expected that, when landing in Salt Lake City, my sweet-smelling babe would have a monstrous poop-out all over himself, all over me, all over the seat, all over the floor, and all over the hooter-hider draped over the diaper bag. Southwest, I hope you clean up between flights.
And last but not least...

  • That this little face would make my heart burst with every little glance, even when I wish he were sleeping.

P.S. I've deleted my comments section for the time being.
Not for any reason in particular, just to try it out.
If you need me, or want to tell me how Max is the cutest baby you ever did see, I can be reached at lissbethclair [at] gmail.com.
But be forewarned, I am really bad about responding to emails.
And facebook messages.
And texts that aren't from Mr. C.
Alright, fine. Sometimes I even forget to answer him, but he forgives me.