Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Just Have to Talk About the Hubs.

Enough family-baby talk.
I just need to say this: I am crazy about Mr. C.

I guess that should be pretty obvious.
You can read about my Mr. C. obsession here, here, and here.
Or, simply here.
[Yes. That simply just redirected you to Me and Mr. C., a blog written by me about the two of us and whoever else comes along to join our little love nest.]

But today I want to say this: Mr. C. is everything I ever dreamed I wanted in a boy, from the time I was old enough to dream about boys. I always hoped someone like him existed, but I didn't look for it because, for me, someone like him would have seemed too magical to be real. Granted, he's got personality traits I never could have come up with on my own- before I met him, I didn't even know webcomics existed and I never knew my future hubs would have a serious fondness for Wrangler dress pants and ties from the seventies, nor did I know that I would think these qualities were oh-so-cute.

I'm not going to lie, I've heard a lot of stories about couples becoming further apart with the birth of a baby. This worried me, especially towards the end of pregnancy- if Mr. C. and I were reminiscent of most relationships held by others our age, we might be talking about getting married now, a year and eight months into our relationship. But we're not most relationships. We chose to get hitched and start a family faster than most people decide what they want for breakfast. We fell in love quickly, unexpectedly, and passionately- something I would never change. And I love that now, as new parents, we're beginning to find a balance between our love life and our family and how everything intertwines together. And as time goes by, I appreciate it more and more that we committed fully to each other so quickly, because when our relationship started, it was as if a whole new life started- which it did.

Sometimes, though, in the day to day monotony of life, I take Mr. C. for granted. I get tired of his jokes or the fact that he can't read a book without wanting to show me every other paragraph or I want him to rub my back harder. But when I have time to stop and look at him (or when I just decide to think about how dreamy he is) and look at the world we've created for ourselves, I have to stop myself from getting too emotional about what we've built.

There's just so much love.

I love that I have a husband who is not afraid to be himself because by being himself, he helps me be myself. I love that, in a single conversation, we can cover food, politics, our future family, a hot make out session we had when we were dating, music, books, our dreams, what happened at dinner the night before, Max, and several "I love you's" without any effort. I love that we can just be together and that we get each other forever.

Sometimes, I just have to remind myself that this is my life, that Mr. C. is my life, and thank heaven that somehow, I was given the life I'm now living.