Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mellowed Out

FYI: Being a mama has really mellowed me out.

That's a strange thing to say, huh?

I think I used to think that being a parent meant full-time stress- that I'd spend my days worrying up ways my baby could get hurt or lost or something else traumatic. Which I do. Worrying is part of being a parent, but there's an unexpected peace of mind that comes with raising a little one, too.

What I mean is this: last night we got back home a little after midnight, tired to the bone and ready to pass out. I sat on the couch to feed Max and whipped out my computer to entertain myself in the meantime. And what did I find? A dead battery- one that was completely my fault since I let the computer die right before leaving and forgot to recharge it. If this had happened before Max was born, I would have freaked- about how I was stupid, about how it was going to cost money to fix and about how it was such an inconvenience.

Not so anymore.

Instead, I kept the computer plugged in, downloaded our photos, replugged the computer when the cord fell out, mentioned it to Mr. C., and carried on my merry way straight into bed. We'll probably have to buy a new battery so I don't have to have this baby perpetually plugged up, but no big deal. We're poorer than dirt anyway (but rich in love!).

Sometimes the former stress of dead batteries just fall to the wayside when you'd rather snuggle up to your nearly-two-month-old in bed.