Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Morning.

Today, the following things happened to me within thirty minutes:
  • When I was getting ready to put my eyes in, I threw my contacts in the sink. Then I took fifteen minutes figuring out which contact belong with each eye.
  • I fell asleep feeding my babe- while sitting up.
  • My breakfasty consisted of three handfuls of M&M's since I was too rushed to think about normal food.
  • I hit every red light (save one!) on the way to fill out paperwork at the doc's office. Yep. I spent my morning filling out paperwork and I'm not working or currently in school.
  • And best of all? I opened the toilet and saw a huge, black winged bug taking a little swim. So what did I do? I flushed that sucker down (after I screamed).
What does this translate to?
It's vacation time.
We'll see y'all in a few.