Friday, August 27, 2010

Where I Talk About My Parenting Style 18 Years From Now

Y'know how your senior year of high school parents can put in a baby picture of their child in the yearbook and then write sappy, public love notes about how they love that child and how s/he is the greatest?

If Max is a high school football player- which let's be honest, if his body at 8 weeks old reflects what his body at 18 years will be, he has a pretty big shot at being a big man on campus. have you seen how thick his neck is?- then I have said picture here:

Does sunscreen not make the most adorable warrior paint?

Mr. C. decided to join in the fun, too!
Are they not the most adorable pair with their adorable warrior paint?
(Yes, I was using "adorable" sarcastically because it made a good oxymoron. No, it doesn't make it less true. They are the cutest pair my eyes have ever seen.)

But no, as cute as this is, I will not be the kind of mother who embarrasses her 18-year-old child by including not only their baby picture in the yearbook, but adding a parent in as well. That would just be too much.

Who am I kidding?
I'll probably be the mom who submits a baby picture with BOTH parents (and maybe siblings in matching outfits?), signed like this (to a boy):

We love you sugar dumpling!
Mama and Daddy

Just Kidding.