Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Need to Chill.

[Yesterday, before the crying began.]

I haven't showered since Sunday morning at seven thirty.
I haven't taken my hair out of a knot in the back of my head since early yesterday morning.
I haven't shaved since I don't know when.
I've been reading ghost stories the past couple days for one of my classes and they are creeping me out.
My mouth tastes weird.
Max has been screaming pretty consistently since 8 o'clock last night.
I've handed him over to Mr. C.

Because some days... I just need to chill.
Cause our little world... it's a little piece of chaos served with a little bit of heaven and a whole lotta goodness.
But right now, it's a little more chaos than anything else.


Oh, and by the way (and on a less-chaotic-note)...

My husband is HOT.

I kinda have a crush on him.
Hey Mr. C., want to go to the grocery store with me tonight?