Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Scream, Scream, Scream

This is how our day went:

Max woke up screaming.
He screamed while we snuggled.
He screamed while I did my readings for my lit class.
He screamed while I made the bed.
He stopped screaming for fifteen minutes while I gave him a bath.
He screamed when I took him out.
He screamed while he got dressed.

Then Mr. C. came home.

(Yep... they are both mine, all mine. I am a lucky gal.
Mr. C. is hot.)

Max drooled as he sat in his daddy's lap as he did homework.
He screamed when he realized he wasn't alone on Mr. C.'s lap.
He spit up on Mr. C.'s shirt.
He spit up on Mr. C.'s jeans.
And best of all, he spit up on the back of Mr. C.'s head.
Then he screamed again, smiled, cooed, and screamed again.

He's screaming again, but it's okay because Mr. C. bought us peanut butter M&M's and we just finished watching that movie When in Rome. It was stupid. I liked it.