Monday, September 06, 2010

The Time I Fed An Alligator

Rewind to, like, eighteen or nineteen years ago.
I was five or six and lived with my two brothers and one sister in Mobile, Alabama.
And like most children, we liked to feed ducks.

More specifically, we liked to feed ducks at Municipal Park.
It was a little park with a little lake shore right up against it.
In the middle, there was a little island where a whole lotta ducks lived.

One sunny day, me, my mom, aunt, sister, and cousin made our way over to the park.
We broke up the bread and fed the ducks- one duck in particular.
After a while, our squeals of delight faded, the bread started to dwindle, and our duck swam away.

As it swam, there was a splash of water.
A splash of water made by an alligator's jaws.
And BAM, the duck went down into the water.

Our little friend disappeared, fed by our bread, straight into the stomach of an alligator.
An alligator who lived at our favorite park.

Yesterday, for the first time since (as a family!) we fed the ducks.
Only this time, we did it in Idaho Falls, Idaho... where no alligators live.