Sunday, October 31, 2010

An All Hallow's Eve Preview

Max loves rain.

He also loves Tigger.

Later today, I will write about our pumpkins, how cute Max looks as a dragon, and about how Halloween is a wonderful time of the year and how after today, it's pretty much Christmas and the New Year because time goes so fast!
(Did I mention I bought Christmas ornaments this weekend?
They sparkle.)

BUT to tide over the anticipation (I'm lookin' at you, Mom and Pop C), here's a video of our pumpkin festivities:

Heck, here's another one, too:

I am a wimp.
Good thing I'm married to a dreamy man who has no fear of pumpkin guts...
He's just afraid of trick-or-treaters.
Why, you ask?
They take his candy and Mr. C. has the biggest sweet tooth known to man.

Happy Halloween!!!
(P.S. Are you glad I didn't write this whole post in orange?
I thought about it.)