Friday, October 08, 2010

And Last but not Least: POPS!

My dad has two big loves: my mom and Arkansas football.
Seriously, you haven't had a football conversation until you've met Pops.

But that is not the story I'm telling about Pops today.

The story I'm telling about Pops is this:

When Mr. C. and I were engaged, Pops loaded him in the car for "a drive."
Mr. C. was intimidated, but as they drove my dad talked about music.
Then he pulled into Kohl's, took Mr. C. inside, bought my mom some perfume, and walked back to the car.
Then he said something like this, "It's important to do nice things for your wife."
And that, my friends, was my dad's interrogation of Mr. C.
No scary questions or list of demands, just a visual reminder to be nice.

We love Pops.
He loves us, too.

Pops also has a third love: grandchildren.
He's a softie.

Happy Birthday!