Monday, October 04, 2010

I Have Never Been the Tortoise

[Our fam at Andrew's mission reunion. Note Max's name tag.]

Right now, both of my boys are taking afternoon naps.
And I have dishes to do, but I'm going to let them sit.

This weekend, I let Andrew take charge of Max and I chilled. I cleaned, I washed a lot of dishes, I cooked simple meals, I read two books and mostly, I just listened and thought. I've had a really hard time with time management lately, but it's mostly because I've been a grouchy pants about being in school when I would rather play with the little monster.

Anyway, this weekend I learned I need to slow down. Not in a lazy way, but in a steady way. I've been so stressed out and a little too much of a sassafrass to Mr. C. lately, often opting to do nothing and pout rather than do anything- even the kinda things I love the most. When really, I just need to learn to take things as they come and slow down rather than thinking I need to finish everything right this minute.