Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr. C. and Mr. C. 2.0

See the resemblance?

You'd think Max would have gotten something from me.
He certainly took a lot- or gave me a lot if we're counting in pounds.
And he did!
His left ear is an elf ear, just like mine.

But... I'm afraid he got everything else from his papa.
His blonde hair that will turn brown when he's eleven years old.
His eyes that are usually blue but change to green and gray.
His mouth.
His non-existent booty.
His tendency to talk in his sleep.

And most of all...

His tendency to drool.
Luckily, Mr. C. doesn't drool now.
(That would be gross)
But as a baby... his favorite accessory was slobber.
At least that's what his mom tells me.