Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Option A, B, and Funny.

I could blog about today in three ways and I can't decide which is best.

Option A:

Today was a wonderful, lazy day.
We wore our pajamas, I took a deliciously long nap, Max slept when he felt drowsy, I read this book, we snuggled, and let the apartment fall down around us in the most comfortable way I can imagine.
It was heavenly.

Or I could write Option B:

Today, Max wore a polo shirt and listened to a lecture with Mr. C. about the Revolutionary War.
Afterwards, he sat at his favorite seat, drank his favorite, drink, read his favorite book, and scribbled in his dad's notebook.
He's going to be a genius.

Or I could go with Option Funny, which is this picture from Sunday:

He's got a temper hotter than a cayenne pepper.
Mr. C. says he gets that from me.