Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Apartment in Action

Have you noticed how many bloggers put up pictures of their gorgeous houses?
They make me jealous.

So I decided to take action shots of our apartment.
(Meaning, I didn't clean before I took them.)

Like of our love birds and our kitchen stool:

And of the lunch I was making me and Mr. C.
(Don't worry, Max was already fed.):

And of the pile of blankets we keep on the foot of our bed.
And the breakfast tray I like to put my computer on:

And of me being a dork in the bathroom:

My husband laughed at me for at least seven minutes after he saw this picture of me.
To which I say, "I do what I want."

I live in a one bedroom apartment with a messy man and a ridiculously happy baby.
There's a gray pumpkin sign hanging on our front door that says "Welcome".
Our twenty-year-old TV turns black all the time and sometimes I skip dusting because I hate it.
It's crowded and stuffy and so hot that we have fans going at all times.
And I like it. I really like it.