Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sleeping Monster

Lately, Max hates sleep.
And I don't mean that he kinda fusses and it's over fifteen minutes later.
I mean he screams for two hours and then sleeps for fifteen minutes and the process starts all over again, no matter where he is laying down.

Let's just say we're really tired and may have unintentionally slept through church today, despite the fact that an alarm blasted for forty-five minutes this morning.

[Max when he was a week old and LOVING sleep.]

But right now?
Max is asleep on the couch and has been for thirty minutes.
So, are we moving him?

Heck no.

Tonight, we are sleeping on a makeshift bed of pillows, blankets, and more blankets on the living room floor.

And Max?
He's on the couch.
Happy as a clam.