Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Twelfth of October

I am blogging from our bed.
That's right- our bed.

Which means we aren't on the living room floor, as fun as it was.
But better?
It means that Max is in his crib.
On top of a couch cushion.

In other news, Max gave his first present today:

He even marked it with his own hand.
(You better believe it took both me and Mr. C. to hold his little hand down in order to trace it.)

Lately I have been thinking that I am really lucky to just be me and have my ever-lovin' husband and our squishy, roly baby.
Cheesy, I know. But I just wanted to say this:

Life is good.
Hope yours is too!

P.S. I will not be posting for a while.