Friday, October 08, 2010

Whose Birthday is Today? MATT.

Want to know a fun fact?
I knew Matt before I knew Andrew.

In fact, the above picture was taken right after I'd seen Mr. C. for the first time.

We love Matt and here are three shallow reasons why:
He always buys me books and I love books.
Matt loves Max. Matt also loves to watch Max.
He's six feet six inches tall which makes him easy to find in crowds.

Also, since he is a smarty pants (in the good way, not the sassafrass way... mostly) and in his third year of law school, I'm hoping that when he's a hot shot lawyer he will live somewhere fabulous like Washington DC or New York (hint, hint) so we can come visit and feel cool.

But really, we will love him wherever he lives.
Even if it's Oklahoma.

Happy Birthday, Matt!