Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Blessed Ritual of a Baby's Nap

Lately, we have been trying to get Max on a nap schedule.
Up to this point, we've just let him sleep whenever but this week, each one of us has been sick and exhausted, so we decided it is time: Schedule Time.

This is how it's gone (for four days):

Me: "I think we should get him on a two nap schedule. So like, ten and two."
Mr. C.: "Great!"

Five minutes later...

Mr. C.: "Isn't that when you have class?"
Me: ".... Yes?"
Mr. C.: "Maybe we should try to make it a little later."
Me: "So like, eleven and three?"
Mr. C.: "Let's try it."

Three o'clock rolls around and we put him down...
(After eleven o'clock nap success!!)

Max: "Blah blah ooh ooh ooh coo ba ba!"
He grabs at his toys.
We take the toys away.
He plays with his blanket.

Max: "Ahhh Ahh Ahhh booga boo. SCREAM!!!"

Me: "I'm just going to lay down with him."
Mr. C.: "No. He needs to self soothe."

Me: "Can I get him now?"
Mr. C.: "Alright."

We lay down.
Max grabs at my face.
And five tries later at 5:45 (two hours before his normal bed time)...

Max: "Snore. Snore Snore. Snoooooorrrre."

We put him in his crib.
Then eight o'clock rolls around....

Max: "Ah! Um! Booga Booga Boo! Ha Ha Ha! Ah!"
Flirts and cooes and smiles.
Flirts and cooes and smiles and farts and chews and laughs.
It's the same at nine.
It's the same at ten.
And at eleven.
And last night, it was the same at twelve.

Our child is a party animal.
A party animal that may opt out of afternoon naps...
but probably not.

Here's to late nights!