Monday, November 08, 2010

Code Names

Our day is winding down.
Well, it was winding down and then Max decided it was time to flail and squeak.
Mr. C. is finishing laundry and I've been straightening everything else.
And then this conversation ensued:

Mr. C.: "Did you ever make up code names to talk about boys you liked?"
Me: "What?"
Mr. C.: "Like in middle school so you could talk about the boys in front of them?"
Me: "Sometimes my friends made up names but never to use when they were there."
Mr. C.: "Well... I know your code name for me."
Me: "Really?"

Mr. C.: "Yeah. It's Fatso. Fatty Mc Lard Butt."

I think my husband had a traumatizing experience in middle school.
Just saying.