Sunday, November 07, 2010

Draper Temple.

Today, we went on a little drive up to the Draper Temple.

I like the Draper Temple because it is a temple, but I also like it because Mr. C. and I went to the Open House back in February 2009.
And it was there, when we were sitting in the sealing room and our reflections were going on forever that I thought- that I knew- we were going back to one of those rooms one day and we were going to be together for-e-ver.

After we'd been married a few months, I told Mr. C. that's when I knew beyond a doubt, roughly eighteen days in, that he was the only man for me.
And he said, "Me, too."
Only he meant that I was the only woman for him.

Also, when we pulled in we saw a still-being-built castle overlooking the neighborhood.
No seriously.

If that's not a modern-day castle, I don't know what is.
It even had "No Trespassing" signs.