Saturday, November 13, 2010


Once, when I looked like this (tan and ring-less), I got myself blocked from someone's facebook.

I guess I deserved it because I swore at him loudly at a party and said "We are DONE!" where people could hear me and walked off, leaving him in the dust of drama.

A couple days later, I realized what had happened (the blockage of personal information), laughed so hard I snorted, told my mom, and moved on with my life.

And you better believe that when Mr. C.'s still-love-stricken high school ex messaged him on facebook all the time, I told him I would understand if he blocked her outta facebook and outta his life. Then I told him I knew about blocking because I was a blocked woman and he laughed.

Then he blocked her.

I told this story because today, after he takes the GRE, Mr. C. gets to reactivate his facebook and I get to write things like this:

"Wanna snuggle? Meet me on the couch."

Also because, up until last month, that was the last time I swore and now that I swore again, I am constantly having to watch my mouth... because I don't want Max's first word to be an expletive.

Just saying.