Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Dear Noah,

I can't believe you are TWELVE.

I was twelve when you were born. Twelve years and almost two months.

You were born on a Sunday.
The day before I'd been a scarecrow for Halloween.
Mom came into my room early in the morning and said her water had broken and I was so excited I could barely stand it.

We went to church and I twiddled my thumbs through Sacrament Meeting.
Then I went to Sunday School and a girl named Laurie told me she had had her first kiss playing Spin the Bottle the night before.
As I sat there in shock, someone knocked on the door and out I went to meet my newly-born brother.

When we got to the hospital, Mom and Dad were more excited than I had ever seen them.
You were brought into the room, and just like that- I was in love with you.

And now, you are twelve, just like I was.
And I can't believe the time has gone so fast.

Happy Birthday!!!

P.S. You are way too young to play Spin the Bottle.
In fact, you will always be too young to play Spin the Bottle.

We love you!