Thursday, November 11, 2010


Right now, I am covered in flour, baby spit up and baby snot.
A few minutes ago, I started a post that I deleted and took this picture instead:

I have a twenty-page paper due tomorrow and I am scared because I don't think I have everything I need. I meant to make a library stop, but I got distracted. Granted, it's a first draft but it's one of those first drafts you get graded on and I've done really bad (okay, fine, one B and two check-minuses) so far in the class thanks to this:

I love laughing with and loving on the little dude way too much.
Meaning, I just took him out of bed for a photoshoot after his squeals turned to wails.

And honestly, I think I am also not doing very well in my classes because I always did my best when I had a really heavy course load and now-a-days, I have a whole lotta responsibility outside of school that I focus on because I need/want to and also because I don't have enough assignments to keep me interested.

But maybe I'm fooling myself because I'm also typing this one handed.
Cause I'd be lying if I said being a stay at home mama didn't occupy me thirty-six hours of the day.

P.S. If you live in Houston, Salt Lake, or Vegas, my friend Nicole is having a photoshoot giveaway you can find here. She took the photos in our header.

P.P.S. I am still typing one handed.