Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pictures and I am Going to be an Aunt for the Third Time.

Today started out like this:

But it's okay, because then we did this:

Put it back together.

In other news, here are some photos of the babe.

Those bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks kill me.

Wanna see a close up of his thunder thighs?
Okay, fine.
I'll humor you.

Do I sound like I'm bragging if I say we make good baby?
Because he melts my heart... even when he's been a sassafrass scream bucket for hours on end.

And our little sassafrass... he's getting a new cousin come May!!
We are so excited.
They are going to be such cute and funny parents... read about their hilarious love story here.

P.S. Joy, I am ready for a pregnancy announcement anytime since, as Ana said, your babies are both walking...