Monday, November 08, 2010


A year ago today, we found out I was pregnant.

Afterwards, we snuggled up on the couch and watched Monsters, Inc.
Then Andrew's parents came home (we were at their house) and right before dinner I said:

"I'm pregnant!"

And Mr. C. giggled (yep. giggled out of pure excitement) and turned fifteen shades of red.

In honor of one of my favorite memories I am going to tell you a conversation I had the other day when I called my mom.

Me: "We have a surprise for you!"
Mom: "You're pregnant?!"




Me: "Mom! The surprise is about food!"
(I had just learned how to make toasted ravioli.)

Mom: "Oh."
Me: "You were actually excited weren't you?"
Mom: "Yes... But I was about to say you need to move home and live in the basement."
Me: "Whatev. We are way too poor for that."

We want a whole lotta babies, but c'mon!
Pregnancies exactly a year apart are not wise for a C-section survivor.
We'll save that announcement for next fall.
Or winter. Or summer. Or spring.

Basically I'm saying we can't fit two babies into our one bedroom apartment.
Besides, I think it's illegal.