Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This is a Wink Directed at You, Mr. C.

Sometimes, it's easy to get lazy about your relationship.

There's always just so much going on and you kinda-sorta-definitely expect your spouse to read your mind because they are with you all the time so shouldn't they just know what you are thinking and how you don't want to do that or do this or can't we just go to sleep tonight because I am really tired and how I have too much to do to go on a date right now or I am too lazy to find a baby-sitter or how about we order pizza because cooking takes too much time and I feel like I'm always doing things one-handed because Max is a party animal even though I'm not because he also likes his chair and the floor but how about you take the baby for a walk alone so I can take a nap because I'm tired of screaming and cleaning and I need a few minutes without any noise?

Yeah, I do it, too.
So does Mr. C.

But then there are days like this:

Days where Mr. C. carries around bolts and bolts of fabric for Christmas presents (plus a baby!) in a store he hates, for no other reason but the fact that he loves me just like he loved me when he bought me a diamond ring and proposed to me twice, even though he had to remind me to say "yes".

And then there's me, who thinks Christmas is an excuse for glitter, which works because Mr. C. likes to say that I "sparkle" despite the fact that I no longer shower every day and the fact that I can be crabby and curse like a sailor when I get mad, despite the fact he never swears in front of me.

Except for that one time when a car cut him off.

I guess what I'm saying is that every day is important and that, even when I am tired and grumpy or awake and happy, I should never take our relationship for granted because even though marriage and having a family can be hard, it is more worth it than anything else I can think of.

Also, I really have a huge crush on Mr. C.

If Juno hadn't already said that her boyfriend was the cheese to her macaroni, I would say it now.