Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Weekend We Only Wore Pajamas

This weekend was blissful.

Max and I had a pajama day yesterday...
and carried it on through most of the day today.

The three of us played some Mariokart.

We laughed as we watched Max play with his toys.
He's taken to shaking around everything he gets his little hands on.

I read three books and made chicken lasagna.
Mr. C. had a really busy day Saturday, but relaxed all day long today.

And, maybe best of all, we watched two Harry Potter movies.
We are so ready to see number seven (part one) on Saturday!

It was a lovely couple days and although this week is going to be busy, I can't wait until Thursday.
My dad will be here for a night and then we are heading out for a week long hiatus...

Which will be a prolonged state of wonderful.
Here's to the holidays!