Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why I Love My Husband. Again. Plus Max.

Because the first time he kissed me, my hair got in the way and he had to try it again.

Because, nearly two years in, I can still tell him that "I've never told anyone that before."

Because last week he proclaimed that he would do the dishes Thursday through Sunday night.

Because he still likes to snuggle. Actually, I think he likes to snuggle more than ever.

Because when we fight over dumb things, I usually win.

Because when we fight over real things, he listens to everything I have to say.

Because, after Max stopped his eleven-o-clock screaming tonight and I went to check on him, I found Mr. C. holding him and his eyes sparkled with the kind of love only a dad can have.

Because when he looks at me, his eyes still sparkle with the kind of love I wanted ever since I was a teenager.


And in Max news...

Our little hippo loves the camera.
As in, he thinks it's his toy and wants to put it in his mouth.
Want some evidence?

You better believe he still melts my heart 5,000 times a day.
I hope that lasts.