Monday, December 27, 2010




I try to stay optimistic on this blog (and, well, all the time), but for lack of a better phrase, I will say this:

2010 seriously kicked my butt.

I should probably join the ranks of the blogging world and talk about everything wonderful that happened this year because you better believe 2010 brought with it some of the best experiences of my life (have you seen photos of my son and husband?) but the reality is that I've also had some of the worst, thanks to some serious depression issues and a horrible pregnancy (yes, Maxwell, you were more than worth it).

No really.
I made light of it on here because no one wants to read about a weepy pregnant lady (myself included), but pregnancy really kicked me spitless, as did my first few months of motherhood. I became completely withdrawn and quite sad... so much that even my marriage suffered heavily on both ends. BUT thanks to Mr. C.- my ever-lovin' dreamboat lover who put up with more late night discussions than any sleep deprived individual should ever endure- most of 2010's issues are worked out and this time next year, hopefully you will be reading this:

I seriously kicked 2011's butt.

We'll see y'all next year!