Friday, December 24, 2010

Because My Last Post Ran Away With Itself and I Didn't Get to Post These Pictures...

My husband left me for True Grit tonight.
He saw it yesterday, too, but at least he's not as bad as Nathan who saw it two times in fourteen hours.
The men in my family are insane.

But my boys... they are adorable.
Our Fam
Merry Christmas!

This next picture makes me want to have two baby boys in a row.
Ah! Be still my heart. They are the cutest.
Plus One
Plus Two

And what would Christmas be without some cousin love?
These two aren't too sure about each other but I'm pretty positive they'll be destroying everything as a team sometime in the next two or three years. Look at their faces!
Cole Soph Max

I am so excited for tomorrow that I actually think I'm going to get in bed before my husband lectures me about needing sleep and maybe even before Max wants his first feeding. (You better believe he still eats two or three times a night. Being twenty pounds at five months takes hard work!)